Tuesday, April 22, 2008

#370 Jose Canseco

Why this card is awesome: Because of false idols. During the 1988 season, when Canseco was putting together the first 40/40 year ever, this was an absolutely iconic card. I remember ripping 1988 Topps packs as a kid, and this was one of my most favorite cards to get. Now, however, it just looks kind of funny, and it's hard to take Canseco seriously as he himself tries to look so serious.

Cool stat: Canseco is still one of just four players to have a 40-40 season.


Triple Play said...

Ahh the Canseco glory days. I recall the '89 Donruss 40/40 club card. At the time that was a cool card and I remember my Dad telling me to hang on to it because that was a special feat.

Nowdays, I have about 5 of those cards sitting in a various/commons box.

Andy said...

The mere existence of that 89 Donruss card reminds of how special that feat was--that Donruss created a special card for it even though the didn't routinely create special cards of that type in the regular set.

jswaykos said...

Nothing beats my Canseco 92 Upper Deck "motion" card or whatever you want to call it... with three shots sort of molded into one.

thewritersjourney said...

I just got "Juiced" from the library today. I have mixed feelings about Canseco--I thought he should have been in the HOF until he admitted to steroids. I'm still a semi-fan, even though I don't believe he should be in the HOF. But I can't stand Bonds or Clemens, entirely because of 'roids. I'm such a hypocrite.