Saturday, April 12, 2008

#351 Cardinals Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because any card with Red Schoendienst on it is a good card. I'm not sure what Schoendienst's role was with the team at this point, but he's a welcome sight. And Tony Pena ain't too shabby either.

Cool stat: The 1987 Cardinals led all of baseball in stolen bases by a wide margin. Check out this list, though, ranking 1987 by number of players with at least 5 stolen bases. A bunch of teams had more than St. Louis, thanks mainly to the fact that Vince Coleman himself had 109 SB and Ozzie Smith had 43.

Schoendienst is 85 years old, still alive and (hopefully) kicking.

Hall of Fame count: 23


Mike said...

I believe Red was the bench coach for the Cardinals, but you may want to double check.

Also, your Hall of Famer count needs to be raised by 1 - Red entered the Hall in 1989.

MMayes said...

Red was the bench coach with the Cards and was in uniform daily through the late 90's. He's still listed as an adviser, is active in Spring Training drills and frequently shows up at the ballpark.

My late grandfather looked an awful lot like Red. I remember putting a Cardinal jacket and hat on him and showing him Red's 1972 Topps card. I'm very pleased to have Red's '72 Topps card autographed.

Andy said...

Thanks for the HOF reminder.

Mike said...

Thank you for the great blog.. I'm really enjoying it!