Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cryptogram answer

My last post yesterday was a basic cryptogram. Here is the interpretation of what it said:

Jxqziuim sfkozp zxjna
Giveaway number eight

Uny niw anz cyfpan kyva vitpxcxtz nxav xs KGO xs sxszazzs zxjnam zxjna?
Who had the fourth most sacrifice hits in MLB in nineteen eighty eight?

Eyva myfp isvuzp xs anz tykkzsav ay uxs anz giva ysz nfswpzw tipwv eyvazw.
Post your answer in the comments to win one last one hundred cards posted.

After several tries, Matt eventually posted the correct answer:
_xk Jisaszp. That works out to _im Gantner, where the first letter is unknown because my original post didn't contain an encoded J.

Incidentally, Matt's first guess worked out to Marty Barrett, who had the most (not fourth most) sacrifice hits in 1988.

So that, my friends, was Giveaway #8.

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MMayes said...

So now we know that either Matt (1) has mad skills that Napoleon Dynamite would be jealous of, (2)has some cool cryptography software or (3) is a double-nought spy.