Saturday, April 12, 2008

#352 Billy Ripken

Why this card is awesome: Because of tough expectations. As I've mentioned this, was the first set of cards I ever collected. This particular card was the one that made me realize that brothers and other family members sometimes all played MLB. (Before that, I assumed that making MLB was so difficult that you enver saw more than one person from any given family make the bigs.) And I remember assuming that since this guy was Cal Ripken's brother, he must be an awesome player too. Of course, he wasn't, but he probably also wasn't as bad as we all remember. It's tough to be Cal Ripken's brother, I'm sure.

Cool stat: Well, Ripken does make the top 25 for lowest OPS+ among players with at least 3000 PAs over the last 50 years. Oh well.


MMayes said...

I love to listen to him on XM's baseball channel.

The Yankee Despiser said...

At least there are no expletives on this card.

Andy said...

But he does have a sort of Rick Face, whatever that means.