Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#341 Carmen Castillo

Why this card is awesome: Because of amazing stats on the back. He was incredibly productive as a part-time player, routinely slugging well over .400 and knocking in lots of runs. Why didn't he get to play every day?

Cool stat: Castillo is tied for most seasons all-time with 220 or fewer ABs but at least 8 homers.

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MMayes said...

He didn't play every day because (1) he only played RF or DH, (2) the Indians used Andre Thornton and (later) Pat Tabler to DH, (3) he couldn't hit right-hand pitching, so he platooned with George Vuckovich.

Check out Castillo's career splits:
v. RHP .229/.264/.366
v. LHP .265/.316/.448