Thursday, April 10, 2008

#342 Larry Andersen

Why this card is awesome: Because of that crazy 'stache and gold chain. Let's hear some of your ideas on what you think his name should have been based on this photo.

Andersen catches some flak for his silly sense of humor, but he's a pretty smart baseball guy. I've heard a lot of his broadcasts with the Phillies, and he knows the game very well, including the physical and psychological sides of it.

Cool stat: Andersen was awesome at NOT allowing home runs. Over the last 30 years, among guys with 900 to 1100 IP, he's allowed the 4th-fewest homers. Mariano Rivera is currently ahead of him but will probably fall behind by allowing more homers (and also off the list by going over 1100 IP.) Our man Greg Minton leads the way.


MMayes said...

I'm not sure what his name should be, but whatever it is, he looks like it ought to be embroidered in an oval just over his left nipple on his gas station attendant or bowling shirt.

capewood said...

After living away from Philadelphia for a few years I was back there one summer on a business trip. The Phillies were on the tube so I had to watch. Larry Anderson had become part of the broadcast team for the Phillies but I didn't know that. I'm watching the game and listening to two guys I know on the broadcast team, Harry Callas and Chris Wheeler. The third guy talking I thought was Sylvester Stallone. I kept waiting to hear him pitch his latest movie. It wasn't unitl he came back for more innings and they never mentioned that they had Rockie in the booth that I realized it was someone else.

J said...

I'd call him Larry. Or maybe Roy. Either way, he looks like one of Earl Hickey's friends.