Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#340 Jack Morris

Why this card is awesome: Because you wanna talk about caterpillars? Check out that thing crawling above his lip.

Cool stat: Talk about fluke years! In 1992, Morris was 21-6 with an ERA very close to league average. In fact, among pitchers with 21 or more wins and 6 or fewer losses, Morris had the lowest all-time ERA+.

Hall of Fame someday maybe, but he's got only an outside shot.


Anonymous said...

Long before he left Detroit, I had Morris in my "Future HOF" shoebox. Along with Dale Murphy, Alan Trammell, Mattingly, Dave Parker, Jim Rice and Andre Dawson.

Andy said...

Fear not for at least Jim Rice will make it from that group (although I feel he is a bit short of deserving.)

Jim said...

He had a hall of fame type game (1991 World Series vs. Atlanta) but not career, he was a tough s.o.b. on the hill, got every bit out of talent, but not a hall of famer.