Wednesday, April 2, 2008

#310 Tom Herr

Why this card is awesome: Because I'm digging the all-red jersey. I assume this shot, like Jack Clark's, was taken during a spring training game since I don't think teams wore solid-color jerseys like this during games back then.

Cool stat: One of the very first posts I made on the SOTD blog was about Herr, particularly his 1985 season with more than 100 RBI but fewer than 10 HR.


Mike S said...

One of my favorite players when I first started to follow baseball, yet I have no idea why. Herr was the answer to my favorite trivia question (as you noted, he was the last player to drive in 100+ runs with fewer than 10 HR's) until Paul Molitor went and ruined it in 1996. Curse you, Molitor!

Andy said...

It seems like Molitor ruins everything for everybody...that bastard.

Remember how Herr used to stretch way up and down at the plate before the pitch came?

MMayes said...

He also used to, uh, "reposition" his stuff before every pitch, a habit that his son Aaron (recently a minor leaguer in the Cards, Reds and Indians systems) has taken on as well.