Wednesday, April 2, 2008

#309 Bill Long

Why this card is awesome: Because of the nice alternate red mesh jersey he's got on. Oh, and that huge ice cube that was chasing Barry Jones seems to be sneaking up on Long too.

Cool stat: True to his name, Long really gave up the long ball. In fact, for non-active players with 500 to 550 career IP, he's 8th all-time in HRs allowed. And most of the other guys pitched much more recently, in longer-ball days. Many folks will be amused to see the fat pussy toad whose name is atop the list. (Borrowing from the Wikipedia entry for him, I shall remind you that "pussy" in this came rhymes with "fussy" and does not refer to female genitalia.)

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Cannonball said...

You could also have borrowed from his Wikipedia entry and pointed out that "[h]e was known as the high-speed ball pitcher and in 1993, he threw 158km/h of straight ball against Kazuhiro Kiyohara, Seibu Lions," that "Irabu was prized the leader of Pacific League in wins in 1994," and that "Irabu monopolized the title of the most strikeout taking pitcher in his league."