Tuesday, March 11, 2008

#241 Damaso Garcia

Why this card is awesome: Because somebody needs to tell Garcia that the hat is supposed to on the head, not falling off the back of the head.

Cool stat: Garcia wasn't a particularly good player but was often cited as the Blue Jays' all-star during the 1980s. Why? Check out how few .300 seasons the Jays had by regulars in the 1980s. (Minimum 500 PAs.) Only Garcia, Jorge Bell, and Tony Fernandez had as many as 2 such seasons.


Unknown said...

And yet his 2 All-Star selections came in seasons he hit under .300 (although in '84, he was hitting over .300 at the break).

Jim said...

also, gotta love the fact that they made a card of him in 1988 while he didn't play a single game in 1987. Because you canNOT leave Damaso out of a set, the fans won't hear of it!