Wednesday, March 5, 2008

#223 Stan Jefferson

Why this card is awesome: Because of that trade we all remember mentioned on the back. Abner was a #1 draft pick bust. Mitchell had done some nice things with the Mets but didn't pan out, nor would he until 1989 with the Giants. McReynolds was a semi-star who went on to be a good player for the Mets and Royals, but many felt he didn't play up to his potential.

Cool stat: So, I was noticing Jefferson's very low career OPS+ of 66 and I wanted to see where that ranks historically for non-pitchers with at least 900 PAs. Jefferson comes in around 200th worst all-time, but I noticed that a guy we just saw, Rafael Belliard, is 12th-worst all-time with a 46 OPS+. As for Jefferson, he hit 16 career homers, but managed two off one guy: the late Rick Mahler. Both homers were pretty important, too.


Extra Innings said...

That was one of the biggest trades of the late 80s imo. I always forget that Kevin Mitchell had a very brief stint in S.D. in '87. I don't even recall a card for him during his Padre tenure.

Andy said...

His 87 Fleer update card showed him in both San Diego and San Francisco uniforms.

See here.

Chris said...

Four guys named Kevin in a single trade? That's gotta be a record.

Uglee Card said...

It WAS a Kevin-related record until Keven Kline and Kevin Arnold were traded for Kevin Bacon, Kevin Nealon and K-Fed. Four and half Kevins. That's the new gold standard.