Thursday, February 21, 2008

RESULTS: Giveaway #6

Thanks to everybody for entering Giveaway #6.

The number I picked was 131, for the number of games Davis played in 1998, his fantastic comeback year with Baltimore. Taht year, Davis set a career-high in batting average (.327) and nearly equaled his career highs in both OBP and SLG. He finished with an OPS of .970 and an OPS+ of 151.

Lots of folks made closes guesses. Three people guessed 80, his career high in stolen bases. Guesses by Mike S (117), dayf (155), and Kevin B 106) were close. But the winner is Eric H with a guess of 120, for Davis' run total in 1987.

Congrats Eric! I'll send you an email to get your address.

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Bay Rat North West said...

Ya could have cheated and given the Eric Davis rookie to a guy who writes about the Reds. I see how it works now. I am on to you.