Thursday, February 21, 2008

#172 Lloyd McClendon

Why this card is awesome: Because boy, oh boy, did McClendon wait a long time to get to the big leagues. Not as long as some, but he was already 28 in the 1987 season. Anybody know how to pronounce his daughter's name?

Cool stat: McClendon hit 2 HRs off three different pitchers, and they were three pretty good ones.


Kevin said...

I would guess it's pronounced "Shuh-NELL".

Luke said...

Future Bucco #12!!!!

Future MGR! I honestly believe if the doofuses running the bucs would of made decent moves instead of wasting money and being moronic, Llyod would of hade a few winning seasons. Brian Giles, Jason Schmidt, Kendall and Aramis Ramirez.

Llyod had the fire, but management didn't.

Mike S said...

Perhaps the greatest legit player in LLWS history. McClendon homered in all five of his at bats in Williamsport, while also going yard and drawing four intentional walks in the 1971 title game.

Anonymous said...

How often do we really get to see non-pitchers wearing the jackets?

Also doesn't it look like Lloyd showed up to the ball-park that day in a simple non-team-related red shirt, realized it was picture day, and needed to borrow the jacket?

Uglee Card said...

Lloyd, you broke the mustache streak. It was fun while it lasted.