Friday, February 1, 2008

88 Topps Cards Giveaway #4: JACKPOT!

Here's giveaway #4, entitled Jackpot! in honor of card #100, Jack Clark.

This is a simple giveaway. I want to finish it quickly so we can move onto the next one, which is a lot more interesting.

The prize this time around: Cards 51 through 100 of the 1988 Topps set.
Click back through the last 50 posts to refresh yourself. Some of the highlight cards are Rickey Henderson, Ken Caminiti, Roger Clemens, Joe Carter, and Dale Murphy.

To enter, all you need to do is the following:
  1. Go to Jack Clark's page. Pick out any number appearing anywhere on that page.
  2. Add a comment on this post indicating your guess.
  3. While we're at it, why don't you also tell me your favorite team? For some of you, I know already (Steve comes to mind, heh.) I like to throw in a few extra cards when I send them out, so I'll try to pick ones from your favorite team.
  4. Post your comment by Monday, Feb 4, at 5 PM eastern.
  5. I am picking a number from Jack Clark's page, and the closest person to my guess wins. Averages count as decimals. For example, a .300 batting average is 0.3, not 300.
  6. If you win, I'll mail you the cards at no cost to you (not even a SASE!)
For those of you who haven't participated in a giveaway here yet, here's how it works:
  1. One entry per person. If you make more than one guess, I will count only your first one.
  2. This is basically a random drawing. You have no way of knowing what number I've selected, and so this contest can't really be tested for fairness. It's my blog, so just deal with it.
  3. My decisions on this contest are final.
  4. The contest closes Monday 2/4 at 5 PM eastern time. Comments must be timestamped by the blog before then.
And, as always, feel free to click some ads to help cover costs!


Cannonball said...

My guess is 127, Clark's career intentional walk total.

Thanks again for the batch of cards from the second giveaway.

Cannonball said...

Oh, I'm a Braves fan.

Steve Gierman said...

How about 27, Clark's home run total for 1982 and 1988. If it's a good enough number for Weird Al, it's a good enough number for me.

White Sox fan, of course.


Andy said...

Steve---White Sox? Really? I had no idea. :)

Don said...

My guess is 77, his career stolen base total. Favorite team is the Tigers.

MMayes said...

My guess is 131. In 1987 that was an amazingly low number of games to hit 35 homers and walk 136 times.

Favorite team: Cardinals.

Luke said...

i'll say 15

15: Career high in SB in '78
Career hign in errors in '89
Career K in playoffs

Luke said...

Team: Pirates
2nd: Indians

Anonymous said...

1180, his RBI total... love the site! Fav team: Yanks

Anonymous said...

My guess is 9, his "black ink" for Hall of Fame standards. Any my favorite team is the Rockies so ... maybe a Galarraga card?

Anonymous said...

My guess is 31, Jack's age in 1987.

Brandonmpsu said...

I'm going with 74- his total # of walks in '80.

I'm a huge Phillies fan.

Unknown said...

My guess is 137 (career OPS).

Die hard Red Sox fan.....oh I should say "saux"

sheltonASUdevil said...

I am going to go with 1,300,000, the amount of money Clark made when he had his monster season for the Cards in 1987. I am a Giants fan, so I had the pleasure of watching Jack during his tenure there.

Mike S said...

I'll go with 176, Clark's career-high OPS+ mark set in the season depicted here, 1987.

Favorite team: New York Mets

Unknown said...

I'll go with 1994, his career games played.
I'm a fan of the team that beat Jack Clark's Cardinals in the '85 Series.

TheJaw said...

I pick 419, his number of at-bats in 1987. My favorite team is the Cubs. 2007 NL Central Division Champions!

emhsea said...

I am selecting .597, Clark's career high 1987 slugging percentage.

Raoul said...

I'll pick 232, the number of ABs Clark had in his injury-shortened 1986.

And I'm a Cardinals fan.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you my favorite team: the Cubbies!

Andy said...

The results of this contest are posted right here.