Monday, February 25, 2008

#184 Ivan Calderon

Why this card is awesome: Because what in the heck is that shirt that Calderon's got under his jersey? It looks like a leather shirt or something.

Cool stat: Calderon had 5 two-homer games, including this one against Boston, where he batted in 6 runs and the White Sox still lost.

Deceased players and managers: 5

Calderon was brutally murdered in 2003.

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Steve Gierman said...

Maybe it's a gold chain protector.

MMayes said...

Ivan would tend to sometimes lean towards the pudgy side, so I wonder if it's one of those sauna suits where he's trying to sweat off the weight during spring training. No need to rival Carlton Fisk or Jose DeLeon in training camp as The Fat Guy.

Steve Gierman said...

Interesting theory. It could be something as simple as Ivan having a vinyl fetish.