Friday, February 22, 2008

#177 Frank Tanana

Why this card is awesome: Because of awesome control. Look at the fantastically low walk totals, and fantastically high K/BB ratios throughout Tanananana's career!

Cool stat: Check out Tanana's neutralized stats at his page. In reality, he went 240-236 (.504) in his career with a career-best 19 wins in 1976. If neutralized, he's at 245-216 (.531) in his career with 20 wins in 1976. If those had been his real stats, he'd probably be remembered closer to the great pitcher that he actually was.


Luke said...

wow, the angels had a pititful lineup in the 70's! 78-79 were good years, but imagine the possibiilites if they had something better earlier.

MMayes said...

He had one year in the NL and that's basically the only time he hit. He wasn't a bad hitter, given that. He had a double (off Bud Black, scoring on a shallow SF to B. Bonds -- what a surprise) and a bases clearing triple (off the Reds' Jerry Spradlin). He only struck out 11 times in 58 AB that year, which is about 1/2 the frequency that Rob Deer struck out.

Danny Wind said...

Oh, man. This was the very first card in the very first pack of baseball cards I ever got. Looking at all the players, and all those indecipherable but still extremely interesting stats on the back made my five-year-old self want to understand more about what it all meant. In some ways, this card is responsible for starting my love of baseball.