Wednesday, February 20, 2008

#166 Rick Rodriguez

Why this card is awesome: Because of awesome color unity. Green in the team name, border, hat, jacket, and palm tree. Yellow in the t-shirt, hat bill, and that structure in the background. And let's not forget the disgusting purple, totally NOT unified and having no business on the card.

Cool stat: From 1960 to present, Rodriguez has the 3rd-worst career K/BB ratio for pitchers with at least 70 IP. But he's got a nice smile.

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MMayes said...

Rick had unusual success in the California League. Check out the minor league stats on his card. He did pretty good at Modesto, especially given the California is a hitters' league. But when they'd try to move him up....Danger Rick Rodriguez. Like you say, he's got a nice smile and he's been the pitching coach for the A's AAA affiliate at Sacramento the last few years.

Mike S said...

This guy's straight out of central casting for the role of token Hispanic cop on a network police-themed show.

Uglee Card said...

Now, here's an interesting bit of trivia. Every player on today's posts has a mustache. As Mel would say: How about that?
The facial hair ratio must have gone down compared to today's players, right? Now all the pitchers have "intimidating" goatees, I guess.
Never the less, I'll still put my unofficial Magnum PI counter (Stache-O-Meter) at 3.

Ben said...

You don't often see players that overjoyed to be on a baseball card.