Wednesday, February 20, 2008

#165 Robin Yount

Why this card is awesome: Because I think that with this card, Topps helped push Yount into obscurity. He's one of the most underrated players of the last 30 years, despite getting into the HOF on his first try. Playing in Milwaukee was the biggest problem, but Topps is doing its part right here. Instead of giving him an awesome power batting shot, like they did with Jack Clark, Don Mattingly, Eric Davis, George Brett, and so many others, they caught him nervously tracking a fly ball, arms flapping in a weird way, looking like a tool. My friends, Robin Yount was no tool.

Cool stat: Most hits in the 1980s, by a mile.

Hall of Fame count: 17

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Extra Innings said...

Yount looks like he's straining to run. I agree though, he is very underrated. I think some people don't even realize he played a majority of his career at SS.

The ZaZ said...

Jack Clark was the man!