Tuesday, February 19, 2008

#164 Dave Johnson

Why this card is awesome: Because Davey looks so smug with his little mustache and little grin, not realizing here that in the spring of 1987, as manager of the defending World Series champs, he was at the pinnacle of his managerial career.

Cool stat: Many of you probably already know this, but as a player Johnson had one of the biggest fluke years ever in 1973, when he hit 43 HR. Despite having 7 other seasons with at least 500 at-bats, he never hit more than 18 HR in any other season. Plus, that 1973 Braves team featured a total of 3 guys with at least 40 HR. Johnson's 1973 is only 6th, though, in terms of fewest RBIs (99) in a season with 43 or more HR.

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Uglee Card said...

Why did they call him "Dave"? It's the only I didn't hear him called Davey. Does he still have the single season 2B HR record?

Andy said...

Yes. Most homers by a 2B:


I think Johnson was known as Dave during his playing days, and Davey didn't catch on firmly until 1987 or so, but I could be wrong.

Luke said...

Topps gave mookie 225 and Straw 710???!!!