Tuesday, February 19, 2008

#163 Dale Mohorcic

Why this card is awesome: Because of 10 stops in the minor leagues before Mohorcic made it. (For those who may not know, his last name is pronounced "Mo-HOR-shick". Boy, I sure was tempted to put WHORE there instead of HOR, but I decided there was no good reason to do that.

Cool stat: From 1980 to present, Mohorcic had the 4th-fewest walks among pitchers with at least 360 IP.

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MMayes said...

Mohorcic did not belong on that Texas Rangers staff. If you look at the numbers for the late 80's Rangers' pitchers you see it littered with guys like Bobby Witt, Charlie Hough, Edwin Correa and Mitch Williams (and later a young Kevin Brown and Nolan Ryan)that were walking everybody in sight. They led the league in most walks from 1986-1990. What's amazing is that in 1985 they were in the AL West cellar with the 5th fewest walks in the league, blew up their pitching staff, walked everybody in sight and the team started winning. Go figure.

Uglee Card said...

I'm just glad you didn't say whore. That would have been wrong.