Wednesday, February 20, 2008

#167 Rance Mulliniks

Why this card is awesome: Because of consistency. Into 1987, he had 6 straight years with between 311 and 366 at-bats. I guess Mulliniks can't take credit for that, but I still find it awesome.

Cool stat: In fact, Mulliniks has the most seasons all-time of between 311 and 366 at-bats, with 7. Plus he did them all consecutively.

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MMayes said...

This goes to show you how some guys really fit a role. Neither Rance Mulliniks nor Garth Iorg was worth a hoot as an everyday player. Mulliniks had several shots with KC and California and couldn't stick. However, Bobby Cox decides to platoon them and it works. Mulliniks has a career average of .232 before being platooned with Iorg; he hit .282 as a platoon player through 1989 (when Gruber took over at 3rd and Rance was the lefty DH). Iorg hit .237 before the platoon and .264 during the platoon (including a woeful .210 in 1987, hastening Kelly Gruber's time in the majors).

Luke said...

The best names on the jays: Rance and Garth

Uglee Card said...

Holy moly. Another giant waistband. I'm fascinated by the waistband-belt dymanic in the Bigs. I wonder if that something the players ever talk about. Because Lance is close to wearing a cummerbund.

Uglee Card said...

Whoa. His name is Rance. I missed that.
Rance? That would have been a good fact to explain on his card.