Thursday, February 14, 2008

#147 Bill Buckner

Why this card is awesome: Because of Buckner's TOTALLY AWESOME hair. I've been trying to think what it looks like--sort of like a heart or a pear of something. Also, I love how Buckner's shirt under his uni matches the background. For all the guff I give Topps over this set, there are some very nice touches like this one.

Cool stat: Recently, I dubbed Buckner the most-average batter of all time. Since 1980, Bucker has the most seasons (3) with fewer than 20 HR but at least 100 RBI. If you went back to the 1970s, Thurman Munson also did it 3 times.


Luke said...

he may be most average, but he has better numbers than a handful of HOF'ers.

It's just too bad that he'll always be remembered for the 86 WS errror.

by the way, his hair? He's definitely ripping off Unknown Hinson.

Extra Innings said...

This card definitely emphasises hair. Buckner is proof that alot of cap wearing does not cause baldness.

Uglee Card said...

I have a weird feeling that the parts of his face that are not covered in hair - his cheecks, for instance - he had to shave to get that way. Besides the 'do up top, he's got some hair climbing out of the jersey and barely contained around the eyebrows. Maybe the eyebrow hair got in his eyes in 86.