Thursday, February 14, 2008

#148 Carmelo Martinez

Why this card is awesome: Because the trade described on the back is wrong. If you check out here and scroll down, you can see that this was actually a three-team trade involving Martinez, Lefferts, Sanderson, Connally, plus Gary Lucas and Al Newman. Plus, this card has a bonus shot of Joey Cora in the background!

Cool stat: Martinez had 5 two-homer games. They all came with the Padres, and his team won them all.


MMayes said...

The thing I remember most about this pudgester is Harry Caray incessantly carrying on about "Mellow Carmelo" as if he was the second coming of Hack Wilson, only taller.

Luke said...

Future Bucco #11!!!!!

Mike S said...

A former neighbor of mine claimed to be a distant relative of Carmelo Martinez. Have no idea if he was right or not, but, especially since Carmelo's career was basically over at the time, it would've been a pretty random thing about which to lie.