Tuesday, February 5, 2008

#106 Jim Walewander

Why this card is awesome: Because Walewander couldn't look more like a rookie here. Fresh face, oversized hat, unbuttoned jersey. Geez. Also, it''s kind of sad that the card mentions him belting his first ML homer, before Topps knew that would be his only ML homer.

Cool stat: His most career RBIs came against none other than Mark Langston.


Mike S said...

For two reasons, this card of Walewander really sticks with me. #1, I was pretty young when I got it and did not know the exact pronunciation of Walewander's last name, so I simply referred to him as "Salamander." #2, even though Walewander hit just one homerun in his career, for years I thought that he and every other player that I received in packs were great and still have rows of commons stored away. After all, these guys were on baseball cards.

ozz said...

I'm a Tigers fan, and Walewander is one of my all time favorite characters in Tigers history.


Andy said...

That's awesome! Ozz, are you from the Dead Milkmen? They are not so obscure--I'm familiar with them.

ozz said...

Nope, I'm not in the Dead Milkmen, nor have I ever been employed as a milkman.