Thursday, January 31, 2008

#95 Lance Parrish

Why this card is awesome: Because this might be the most hilarious picture in the 88 Topps set. Let me tell you what Parrish said right before this photo was taken. To Von Hayes, sitting there on the left, he said, "Did you make that f#&%ing smell?" And right when the photo was snapped, Hayes was saying, "Oh man, see, I had this chili last night and, umm, and...yeah...anyway..."

Cool stat: Parrish had the most RBIs in a season by a catcher in the 1980s.


Luke said...

I love baseball, but the HOF really , really gets me vexed. (i'm terribly vexed!).....

Gary Carter 324 homers
Lance: 324 homers

Gary: WS w/mets
Lance: WS w/Tigers

Gary: .991 FP
Lance: .991 FP

What gives w/Lance? Why isn't he surfing into the Hall?

anyway, future bucs count: 8

ctuckett103 said...

I was not surprised at Parrish's RBI total because I am a Tiger fan - but I was surprised that a 37 yr. old Carlton Fisk stole 17 bases !!

ozz said...

Parrish was never really the same after leaving the Tigers. I still wish he hadn't signed with Philly.

capewood said...

I must have missed this when you first posted it. Topps thought the photo was so good that they used it twice. Parrish's 1987 Topps Traded card features the same phot, cropped a bit differently. BTW, being a Phillies fan, I'm also sorry Parrish signed with the Phillies.