Sunday, January 13, 2008

88 Topps Cards FREE STUFF

I'm pleased to announce that I'm going to be giving away lots of free stuff on this blog.

For starters, each time I post 25 cards here, I'll be giving away those 25 cards in some sort of contest, most likely just a random drawing among commenters. You don't even have to provide a SASE! So, the first contest will go up after I post card #25 (Andres Galarraga) and the next one will go up after card #50. (I plan to post about 25 cards per week, so that's one giveaway each week.)

But wait, there's more!

I will also be posting some special 1988 Topps stuff here, and then giving it away. I plan to post, card by card, a tiffany version of the 1988 Topps traded, and then give that away to one lucky reader. You might also get chances to win other sets, such as the glossy all-star send-ins.

So keep reading, and please comment on the posts. Plus, if you'd like to support the blog, check out the ads on the lower right, and maybe even click one or two!

Keep checking back here for more cards and free stuff!


Luke said...


as a collector since 1988, this is a truly awesome site/blog! Very creative! Remember the Topps T-Shirt offfers?

I can't wait for the Pirate cards!

Andy said...

I do remember!

The first Pirate is coming up pretty soon--#27 R.J. Reynolds.

Luke said...

I posted the same for the mckaskill

Chemgod said...

Toss me in with the drawing. Love the site, when you get a chance look at