Saturday, January 26, 2008

#64 Ken Caminiti

Why this card is awesome: So soon after Tim Crews, we reach the next deceased player. There is a seriously awesome thing about this Ken Caminiti rookie card, though. As you can see from his stats, Caminiti was fairly pedestrian through 1994, before a nice 1995 and a hugely fluky 1996, his MVP year. This led a bunch of us to rummage back through our collections of common cards, to pull out all these Caminiti rookies that had been worthless for years but suddenly were worth something (only to become worthless again a few years later.)

Cool stat: Ken Caminiti won the NL MVP in 1996 unanimously getting 28 out of 28 votes, and never got another vote for MVP in any other year of his career. Has anybody else ever achieved this?

Deceased players and managers: 3

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mmosley said...

Willie Hernandez won the MVP and CY Young Award in 1984 but never received votes in another year for either award. CRAZY!

Andy said...

Nice find, mmosley. There have been a bunch of guys to win the MVP and never get another MVP vote (Bale from was listing a few for me yesterday) but we didn't find any to win the MVP UNANIMOUSLY and never get any other votes.

Blake said...

Who is this Bale from you speak of? I know a Blake that runs the site, but I'm not familiar with this Bale...please enlighten us. lol

Andy said...

Blake, dammit, not Bale. I was obviously thinking of Christian Bale from the Batman movie.

Blake said...