Wednesday, January 9, 2008

#4 Eddie Murray Record Breaker

Like the McGwire card #3, this one also had an error and a corrected version. The error version was missing the box explaining the record.

Why this card is awesome: Isn't it obvious? The stereo image of Murray batting from both sides is one of most iconic baseball cards of the 1980s.

Cool stat: Among switch-hitters, Murray has the most seasons in history with at least 20 HR. Chipper Jones is closing quickly, though.


ManOfSteal said...

I ran across your blog after I noticed that you'd linked to mine, and have really been enjoying reading the posts. I have great memories of 88 Topps! I have the McGwire error, but didn't know about the Murray one. All of my cards are missing the box, which almost seems like the correct version, since none of the other record breakers explain their records on the front of the card. Keep up the great work!

Fleerfan said...

Being an Eddie Murray fan, this is one of my favorite Eddie Murray cards. The stereo effect is great. It definitely drives home the point that he was one of the greatest switch hitters of all time.

Andy said...

No argument from me, fleerfan. I also love the expression on Murray's face. totally serious, and authentic Murray.

Uglee Card said...

How did Topps manage two errors in the first four cards?
That should have been a "Record Breaker" right there!

Andy said... the 1989 set they should've made a record breaker card for most errors in a set, from the 1988 set. There were many, including the Leiter error, and the Comstock error, not to mention the uncorrected Gary Templeton error.

MMayes said...

Is that Eddie Murray on the card, or is it Billy Dee Williams?