Monday, November 10, 2008

#110T Lee Smith

IMPACT FACTOR 5/10: Smith was great for the Red Sox in his first two years, and then phenomenal in his third year, when they traded him away for Tom Brunansky. It probably wasn't a great trade for the Red Sox, although Brunansky did play pretty well for the BoSox.


Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me how he is not in the Hall of Fame.

Andy said...

Because the HOF voters are having a tough time figuring out how to handle closers. Remember that the "modern" closer started with Eckersley in 1988 and so it's only been 20 years in this format, and some of the best guys (Rivera, Hoffman, Wagner, etc) aren't even retired yet. Smith will get in the HOF, but he might have to wait until his 10th-12th year of eligibility, like Sutter did.