Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tournament poll #5

Whoa, this is a tough matchup!

Coming in at a very surprising 5th place is card #543 Kent Tekulve. There's a lot to like about this card, including a wonderful photo that captures Tekulve's submarine delivery as well as the late 80's Phillies' team colors. Tekulve was a massively underrated pitcher who excelled for many years and is among the career leaders in games pitched. Topping it all off are his signature dark glasses, a rarity back in 1988.

Cal Ripken Sr comes back with card #444, beating out his own son to make this final tournament. (Well, I guess I should say he beat out both his sons!) This is a great manager card, with the tip of cap and smile looking very classy in comparison to just about every other manager's card ever made. The orange and black colors match the team color's perfectly, making this a great all-around card.


In Defense of Absurdity said...

This is the toughest one for me so far. The Teke action shot is great, but the terrible colors that Topps chose for the Phillies takes it down a notch. As for the Ripken, I don't much like voting for manager cards, but this is a really nice shot of a class act, and you're right, the colors are perfect.

Unknown said...

tekulve looks too much like peter gammons on this card for me to not vote for him.