Friday, October 17, 2008

#78T Joe Orsulak

IMPACT FACTOR 4/10: Orsulak played 5 mostly good seasons for the Orioles. He is well-remembered as an outfielder who made several memorable catches, including a big splashdown or two.


Kevin said...

JOE O! I love that guy. He just looks like New Jersey. If you look at his career stats, he was amazingly consistent.

Boy, was that a good trade for the O's or what? Terry Crowley, Jr. and Rico Rossy are what Bill Simmons would call a "pu pu platter".

Luke said...


If he stayed, it would of been Bonds, Van Slyke, and Joe O in the OF w/bobby bo @ 3rd

Mr. Crowley and Rico Suave didn't do squadoosh