Friday, October 3, 2008

#50T Bob Horner

IMPACT FACTOR 2/10: Horner signed with the Cardinals after a year in Japan and was having a marginal season before an injury ended his year and career early.


MMayes said...

The 1988 season for the Cardinals. Replacing Jack Clark with Captain Bob Horner. When Horner came in he looked like he'd been training in the sumo league rather than the Japanese League.

I was in law school when he was with the Cardinals. Some friends and I drove to Raleigh and saw a seafood house called Captain Bob Horner's. We tried to go back a few weeks later, figuring if the Big Man put his name on a restaurant it must be pretty good. No luck. Out of business, kind of like Horner's career at the time. However, in his early years with the Braves he was absolutely fearsome.

dayf said...

Man, what he could have done with just *one* good knee. These cards with him in a Cardinals uni always make me sad. Stupid collusion.