Tuesday, September 16, 2008

#778 Keith Comstock

Why this card is awesome: Because, at least for me, this is the card that started the downward spiral of the hobby. This card was originally released as an error version, where the team name was white instead of teal (see below.) For a period, the error card was worth quite a lot. What made me skeptical was how Topps fixed this error, as well as the two Record Breaker errors, but didn't bother fixing other errors, such as Garry Templeton, Mike Dunne, or Tim Conroy. I also remember that there were error variations--one where the "S" in "PADRES" was partially colored teal. I can't even find any of those on eBay...are they so rare? Anyway, as a kid, I remember thinking that it was intentional on Topps' part, mainly because the correction came out pretty late, so those of us who had already collected the full set from packs were inclined to buy more packs.

Cool stat: Somehow, even before I looked this up, I knew the answer. Who hit the most homers off Keith Comstock? See if you can guess and then click here.

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David said...

When we found out that a regular pencil eraser would remove the color and make the card stock white, we made a couple of Keith Comstock error cards. Not to mention "new" error cards.

Also, Comstock spent a lot of time in the minors. Wow.