Tuesday, September 16, 2008

#775 Dave Stieb

Why this card is awesome: Because there's a lot to like about this card. Firstly, Pat Gillick, who went on to become a successful GM, is mentioned on the back. Second, I think that's 2B Garth Iorg in the background. Thirdly, Stieb is a very underrated player. I'm surprised, in fact, that he got a card number divisible by 25, but he deserved it in my book.

Cool stat: Stieb pitched some awesome games in his career. In addition to his 1990 no-hitter, I still find it incredible that both of his last 2 starts in 1988 were one-hitters, with the lone single coming with 2 outs and 2 strikes in the 9th inning in each game. I have talked a lot about Stieb, one of my favorite players, on the B-R.com SOTD blog, for example here and here.

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Toronto Mike said...

IMHO, Stieb and Halladay are 1-2 for best Blue Jays pitcher of all-time.

In our song ("Ok, Blue Jays" for you out-of-towners), Dave's the one putting down a smoker. I'm streaming the entire song on my site.