Monday, September 15, 2008

#769 Cecil Cooper

Why this card is awesome: Because the screwing continues. Like the Phillies and Mariners, the Brewers got raked through the mud by Topps. In Milwaukee's case, it was assigning pretty pathetic card numbers to their star players. Cecil Cooper is not a HOFer and he was out for a lot of 1987, but the guy deserved a number ending in 5 for sure.

Cooper is rocking the beard and sunglasses, an awesome look!

Cooper is currently the manager of the Astros, and he's a great signer through the mail. Go ahead and send him a card and a SASE care of the Astros, and you'll get it back, personalized no less, in a matter of weeks.

Cool stat: From 1980 to 1983, Cooper had 3 seasons with 120+ RBI. Nobody else did it more than once. From 1970 to 1990, only Cooper and Jim Rice has as many as 3 seasons with 120+ RBI and a batting average of .300.

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MMayes said...

His 1980 season would usually get you an MVP, hitting .352, leading the league with 122 RBI and hitting 25 homers. Unfortunately for Cecil, George Brett dang near hit .400 and had roughly the same power numbers despite missing about 35 games. However, Cecil finished 5th, behind Brett, Reggie, Goose and Willie Wilson. In a WTF?!!? in that year's MVP balloting, Rick Cerone finished 7th and received a 1st place vote.