Monday, September 15, 2008

#764 Greg Walker

Why this card is awesome: Because turnabout is fair play. Here's a photo of a White Sox player at Comiskey, showing the Red Sox's catcher. Most of the Red Sox cards are from this same game and show the White Sox catcher's mitt.

If I remember correctly, Walker has epilepsy, or at least had a few seizures during his playing days. I'm not sure to what extent that contributed to his fairly short career.

Cool stat: 100 RBI is one of those magical numbers that so many whuse to separate great players from average players. Walker managed 100 RBIs in a season but from 1984 to 1987, he managed at least 24 HR with no more than 95 RBI three different times. He wasn't a superstar but he deserved to be remembered better than he is.

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White Sox Cards said...

He was great for the White Sox, but overshadowed by Baines and Fisk for most of the eighties. His seizures did shorten his playing career a little.

I have a feeling that if Frank Thomas hadn't have come along, Greg Walker would have been coaxed back into playing for the Sox in the early nineties after his very short Oriole experiment. Walker's replacement, Carlos Martinez, was great in his rookie season but started to fade quickly.

Frank Thomas erased Greg Walker from most people's memories by playing first base.