Friday, September 12, 2008

#756 Mike Maddux

Why this card is awesome: Because, hey, there's Steve Bedrosian in the background!

Mike Maddux had it a bit rough as an MLB ballplayer. He was actually a pretty good pitcher, but is remembered much worse than he was due to his much better brother. (In case you're living under a rock, his brother is one Greg Maddux.)

Cool stat: Maddux is one of just 18 relievers to pitch at least 600 innings from age 29 season onward while compiling no more than 20 saves. Over that part of his career, he had a very nice 112 ERA+. The fact that so few guys lasted long enough to get 600 IP tells you that they either became closers or weren't good enough to stay in the league. The guys on this list were probably not utilized as best as they could have been given the level of their talent. Like I said, Mike Maddux had it a bit rough. Not as good as his brother, but WAY better than most people think.


Luke said...

Future bucco!

it wasn't greg, but for 8 games we had mike!

Splint Chesthair said...

these Phillies cards are so damn GREEN!

MMayes said...

I'll bet Wilton Guerrero wishes somebody would write something so nice about him.

Mike S said...

I always thought that Mike Maddux was a dead ringer for Luigi of Super Mario Bros. fame. I bet that he can jump really high.