Friday, September 12, 2008

#755 Ozzie Virgil

Why this card is awesome: Because after Dave Palmer, this is the other Braves card with a retro uniform. Weird. I also like that we can see a lot of the umpire. Maybe this card can help us figure out why they are wearing strange uniforms. The player in the background looks to me a lot like a Yankee wearing a road jersey, which would make this an exhibition game, and perhaps the Braves wore special jerseys for this game. Anybody else have a better theory?

Cool stat: Only two catchers ever managed a season with at least 27 HR and 72 RBI (btw, aren't those very Fiskian numbers?) and an OPS+ of 107 or less. Virgil did it in the homer-crazy 1987.


David said...

These uniforms don't seem retro to me. The only thing retro appears to be Palmer's hat.

Splint Chesthair said...

You can see that the Braves had a major uniform shift between 1986 and 1987. Probably caught a few players before the final version was decided. These almost look like Boston Braves retro unis.

Bo said...

If I remember right, as this was 20 years ago, I think that teams introducing new uniforms did so at the start of the regular season, not the exhibition season. I think that was the case for the Twins and White Sox as well. I could be wrong though.