Tuesday, September 23, 2008

#27T Rick Cerone

Who knows what stadium this is?

IMPACT FACTOR 3/10: Cerone came to and left Boston as a free agent, playing with them in 1988 and 1989 as a decent backup catcher. He didn't play in the 1988 postseason, but I'm giving him a 3 on the assumption that a guy with his experience must have been helpful with the pitching staff.


Greg Olsen said...

The press box and blue seats look like Tiger Stadium.

Greg Olsen said...


The lighter-blue seats in the section behind home plate were replaced with darker-blue "Tiger Den" seats present in the picture below.

Jim said...

Rick was brought in to be the full time catcher for the Yankees in 1980 after Thurman Munson died in aug of 1979 and had a great season but never came close to that season again.

Anonymous said...

yay tiger stadium!

i was at the 10th to last game there. it was against toronto. i miss her. too bad they are demolishing it.

a lot of topps cards are taken at old tiger stadium. a lot of the cards where there is that shade of blue in the background is tiger stadium, especially in the dugout. like moose haas' card i would bet a limb that that was taken at old tiger stadium.

Andy said...

I just noticed that he's holding Dwight Evans' bat.