Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #66 Kevin McReynolds

Am I sounding like a broken record yet? These are more scans by dayf at Cardboard Junkie.

Why this card is awesome: Because unlike many of the other Fan Favorites cards we've seen, this one is actually a very different shot, giving us a posed torso photo of McReynolds instead of an action batting shot as from his regular card. Variation is nice.


Jamin said...

Is Topps forgetting that Mets fans didn't really like McReynolds? Seems odd to have him be a "fan favorite."

Jim said...

I was thinking the saem thing, McReynolds a fan fave?

Matt S said...

Were the Mets really that popular? Six of 14 "fan favorites" have been Mets. Way to stay unbiased, Topps.

Andy said...

Two things:

1) I don't think I have quite all of the Fan Fav cards, althogu dayf provided a whole bunch of scans, so don't judge by what I've posted here on that.

2) To some degree, Topps put the Fan Fav cards in the peak years of the teams, which is why we see Mets, as well as Hershiser and Dave Stewart--all playoff teams from this year when only 4 teams made the playoffs. there are also a number of Mets from 1986, which I used to have but I sent away to one of you loyal readers.

Mike S said...

My LL used to hold a special night in which they bought a bulk order of upper deck tickets and a busload of kids traveled to Shea to see a game. In 1991, we saw the Mets take on the Cardinals in what was a thoroughly unmemorable game. That is until around the 7th inning when some guy, who was beyond drunk, began to yell insults at McReynolds that aren't even appropriate for an online blog, let alone to be screamed in front of a bunch of kids. Amazingly, stadium security seemed to share the fan's disdain for K-Mac, as he wasn't booted until the end of the 8th.