Saturday, August 30, 2008

#677 Eddie Milner

Why this card is awesome: Because check out that dumpy, slumped over guy sitting on a bucket of Gatorade at the end of the dugout. I guess he's sad because he's the equipment manager and there's crap strewn all over the floor.

Cool stat: Milner had a good batting eye. Over the last 50 years, for players with no more than 280 career strikeouts, he had one of the top walk totals. Other players on there we've talked about lately include Bruce Benedict, Randy Ready, Stan Musial, Mike LaValliere, and Marty Barrett.

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Jim said...

that is loooongtime SF Giants equipment manger Mike Murphy, he still is the equipment manager to this day. He has been with the team since the Giants moved west in 1958! Get this, he is so well liked, Barry Bonds likes him!