Thursday, August 21, 2008

#634 Jose DeLeon

Why this card is awesome: Because of the bad trade, though not as bad as you might think, mentioned on the back. The Pirates picked up Bobby Bonilla, a very valuable player for them, straight up for DeLeon.

Cool stat: Over the last 30 years, DeLeon is the only guy to lose at least 19 games in a season more than once. But he had a lot of good years too and finished with an above-average ERA. His 2-19 record in 1985 neutralizes to 6-11, while his 7-19 record in 1990 neutralizes to 8-12. He also had 2 of the 3 best hit rates among 19-game losers in the last 30 years (but also the 2 worst walk rates.)

Anyway, DeLeon wasn't nearly as bad a pitcher as he is remembered.


zman40 said...

You've actually have to be a pretty decent pitcher to lose 19 games twice.

Awkward Moment said...

Bobby Bonilla must have been very lowly regarded at the time of that trade... DeLeon not only had 19 losses the year before the trade but had an era of 8.27 that year when the trade happened in July!

with 17 BB in 16.1 IP might I add.