Thursday, August 21, 2008

#633 Barry Lyons

Why this card is awesome: Because this is a sweet, sweet action shot. I assume Lyons is raising his glove for a throw from the outfield, for a play at the plate. Actions shots of catchers are awesome.

Cool stat: Lyons saved one of his best career games for one of his last career games. In his 4th-to-last-game in the big leagues, Lyons hit a 3-run homer, and had RBIs on a single and a groundout. Incidentally, Mike Cameron hit his first career homer in that game for the White Sox's other run. And it was one of Johnny Damon's first games. The only other player in that game still active at this writing is Frank Thomas.


Kevin said...


Awesome stat! I had no idea Barry Lyons was still playing in 1995. One small correction: Mike Sweeney is also still active, though I believe he's currently on the DL with Oakland.

David said...

Wherever the ball is coming from, you can just barely see it in the upper right corner of the card.

Andy said...

Wow, I didn't notice that david...great catch!

And thanks for the correction on Sweeney, Kevin. He's been injured so much that I forget he's still active. And it's even easier to forget that he was a catcher back then!

MMayes said...

(Done in a Howard Cosell voice)
The date, April 17, 1987. The place, Busch Memorial Stadium in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The winners of the National League East the last 2 seasons are in an early season battle. Toeing the rubber for the Cardinals is their ace, John Tudor.

Bottom of the 6th, Jim Lindeman lifts a foul many rows back...obviously out of play. What's going on? Lyons is chasing that foul like it's made of gold. Lyons slides into the Cardinal dugout and crashes into John Tudor's leg.

Tudor was out until August with a broken leg. Thanks a lot, Barry.