Wednesday, August 20, 2008

#626 Glenn Wilson

Why this card is awesome: Because Wilson is a symbol of how bad the Phillies were in the mid-to-late 1980s. He was often a featured player for the Phillies, such as getting their all-star selection in 1985 when Mike Schmidt had a slow start. Wilson was certainly not a terrible player, but an all-star he was not. Another sore point for the Phillies is the trade on the back, acquiring Wilson for both Willie Hernandez and Dave Bergman. A year after that trade, Hernandez was MVP and CY and the Tigers won the World Series. The Phillies still sucked.

Cool stat: WIlson had one of 15 seasons in the 1980s with at least 100 RBI but fewer than 20 HR. Our man Bill Buckner did that 3 times himself in the 1980s.


MMayes said...

Yeah, but you forgot to mention the Phils also got Johnny Freaking Wockenfuss!!!! They didn't need Willie Hernandez anyway because they had Al Holland.

jred17 said...

Wilson did have a rifle of an arm, which earned him the rather lame nickname of Glennbo here in Philly. I think it was just a marketing stunt more than anything. He was actually dressed as Rambo in a promo commercial at one point

Jim said...

"at least 100 HR but fewer than 20 HR." Small error. 100 RBIs. I always liked his glasses, style be damned!

Andy said...

Thanks Jim, I fixed that.

Luke said...

sweet! A future bucco!!

and a wilson!
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