Thursday, August 7, 2008

#595 Frank White

Why this card is awesome: Because, Frank, which is it...#20 or #8? Under the cap is says #20 (which was White's number) but the knob of the bat appears to say #8. That's interesting because in 1987, the Royals didn't have a player who wore #8. But in 1988, Mike Macfarlane did. I guess this photo was taken then? Probably not. It appears that Macfarlane started with #28 in 1987 but he probably switched to #8 at some point.

Cool stat: Sure, White is in the 2000 hit club, but he's got the lowest OBP of all the members. I wrote something about Frank White recently for an A Pack a Day post that I'll repeat here: White was very overrated by Kansas City fans, and underrated by everybody else. He's a totally forgotten guy in history, except in K.C. where he's remembered as a great player, which he wasn't. He was a decent, steady middle infielder at a time when those guys weren't supposed to give much offense.


Jim said...

Frank White was a GREAT 2nd baseman, not such a great hitter, although he hit with some power late in his career.

Bo said...

This looks like a spring training shot. Jim Sundberg wore number 8 for KC in 1986, and was actually on the Royals in spring training 1987, wasn't traded to the Cubs until the end of March. So probably White grabbed Sundberg's bat.