Friday, August 1, 2008

#571 Mark Williamson

Why this card is awesome: Because now I know why I always confused Mark Williamson and Eric Bell. Previously, I thought Bell's card resembled Chuck Crim's card, but take a look at this:

I mean, seriously, folks. Look at the wall behind these guys. They are in the exact same location, looking in the same direction, wearing the same uniform, and everything.

I've taken the liberty of simply fusing these cards together. I give you late-80s player "Mark Bell":

Cool stat: Williamson's got one of the most recent seasons with an ERA+ of at least 400 (!!), minimum 15 IP.


Jim said...

Eric Bell is next on the that list!

Andy said...

further proof that they are the same guy. boy, is that ironic!

MMayes said...

In order to have made this list, you have to have given up an earned run. That means Fernando Valenzuela's 1980 (0.00 in 17.7 innings) and Brad Ziegler's 2008 (0.00 in 30 innings through 7/31) aren't included.