Friday, August 1, 2008

#570 Jeffrey Leonard

Why this card is awesome: Because what do Jeffrey Leonard and John Cangelosi have in common? They are both scratching their backs with their bats on their 1988 Topps cards.

Cool stat: There are so many interesting things about Leonard and his career. I'm going with this one: since 1941, among players with at least league-average OPS and zero homers, Leonard had a top-10 season in terms of RBIs. The Wizard of Oz has the top such season since 1941.

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MMayes said...

Funny how his career changed in the mid to late 80's. He had the start of a Duane Kuiper-esque run with no home runs in his first 714 at bats and then turned into a middle of the lineup power hitter. Hmmmm.

He also went into the field with a skillet on his left hand, much like Cory Snyder. I saw a 1982 game in St. Louis where he made 3 errors in left field, was moved to first. He botched a Joe Morgan throw, but the scorer felt generous to poor Jeff. The next day Glenn Brummer stole home.