Monday, July 28, 2008

#553 Tracy Jones

Why this card is awesome: Because like Bob Brower, this shot of Jones shows his knee nearly touching the ground. It gives him a real sense of motion and is an overall very nice photo. I also like his splayed fingers as his lead hand comes off the bat.

I understand that Jones as a radio talent has quite a following these days.

Also I noticed that Jones was traded in three consecutive seasons. Anybody know of other players to whom that has happened?

Cool stat: Jones once had 7 RBI in a game, which itself is pretty good. But he also did it without a single extra base hit. Check out the box score--he had 3 different 2-run singles and then a single RBI single.

Holy crap, I just checked, and that performance by Jones is the only time it's been done since 1956!


David said...

If you count the offseasons, Tracy was traded 4 times in the span of those 3 years.

As for others that share that distinction: the only one I can think of is Bruce Chen, who was traded a total of 4 times in 3 consecutive seasons:

July 12, 2000 = Atlanta to Philly
July 27, 2001 = Philly to Mets
April 5, 2002 = Mets to Montreal
June 14, 2002 = Montreal to Cincy

(In 2003, Chen was selected off waivers by Boston from Houston; and in 2004, he was traded to Toronto as part of a conditional deal (whatever that is))

capewood said...

Where do you suppose the ball is in this play? I guess somewhere up in the air waiting to be caught by an infielder.

Andy said...

Looks like a ground ball to me, whether at an infielder or through for a hit.

MMayes said...

1986 Reds were looking at great things to come. Eric Davis was 24 and established. Kal Daniels, Barry Larkin and Tracy Jones were all 22 and they came up and .320, .283 and .349 respectively. Out of that group, the only question was Larkin: they weren't sure whether he or Kurt Stillwell was the better prospect.