Saturday, March 15, 2008

#252 Bob Brower

Why this card is awesome: Beacuse, boys and girls, when your back leg is parallel to the ground, you are not going to hit the ball very far. And there's a woman with her hands neatly folded in her lap. How nice.

Cool stat: Brower hit 14 homers in 1987, and they were pretty interesting. Two off Steve Carlton (the only guy he ever hit more than 1 against), one leading off a game, and another that was inside-the-park. That inside-the-parker was a grand slam, no less.


MMayes said...

Bob was a 2-sport star at Duke. Too bad it was the only 2 sports Duke isn't very good at. When I was at Duke in the late 80's they would almost beg people to come watch the baseball team. The only MLB Dukies I remember since then are Chris Capuano, Quinton McCracken, Scott Schoeneweis and Mike Trombley. Dick Groat was by far the best Duke baseball player ever and has his basketball jersey retired in Cameron.

Sorry, but this is my only opportunity to gush about Duke. Now, back to the 1988 Topps set.

Jim said...

this is the first guy at a.) I have never heard of and b.)don't remember this card of, and I think I have thousands of 1988 Topps.

Andy said...

Brower works for Scott Boras now.