Monday, July 21, 2008

#538 Bill Wegman

Why this card is awesome: Because I like the little white "46" on Wegman's glove. Seems so old school to have to mark up your equipment manually for identification purposes. (These days, most guys are playing with their own custom models manufactured just for them.)

Cool stat: Wegman's name is forgotten outside of Milwaukee but over 1991-1992, among the 20 pitchers to throw at least 450 innings, Wegman had the 6th-best ERA+. Neutralized stats suggest he deserved to go 30-19 over those 2 years, instead of the 28-21 he actually went.


Unknown said...

How about the AWESOME minor league season Wegman had in Stockton in 1983?

16-5, 15 CG, 4 SHO, and a 1.30 ERA!

Andy said...

Good point. Such a season had been done in the majors only 13 times since 1901:

Of course, it's happened in the minors a lot. That's how pitchers get promoted to the big leagues.